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DIY Minute Maintenance Tips: Reset Your GFCI

Reset Your GFCI

There’s nothing like enjoying the sweetness of summer, whether you’re lounging on your roof deck or exploring the great outdoors. If you notice that the power outlets in your home aren’t working when you return from time spent outside, you may need to reset your ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).  


In this week’s DIY Minute Maintenance Tips series, we’re going to teach you how to reset your GFCI. Spoiler: it’s as simple as can be, and only takes a minute! 


  1. On the GFCI outlet, a small green light indicates that there’s power and it’s ready for use
  2. If the GFCI is tripped, the green light will turn off
  3. If the green light is off, press the reset button until it turns back on


See, we told you it was easy! Once you have your GFCI powered up again, you can go right back to your outdoor activities and leisure time. Stay tuned for the next parts of our blog series, where we’ll go through tips for updating your garage code, replacing air filters, and more. 


From all of us at Sego Homes, happy early summer!


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