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DIY Minute Maintenance Tips: Window Cleaning

DIY Window Cleaning Tips

Spring is in full bloom, and there’s no better feeling than natural sunlight washing over you from the inside of your Sego home! Finally, it’s your time to sit back, relax, and take in the beauty coming in through your windows. With that in mind, welcome to the second part of our DIY Minute Maintenance Tips series!


Today, we’re diving into how easy it is to replace and/or repair your windows for the months of warm weather and sunshine ahead. Windows occasionally need to be removed for simple maintenance, and you can do so in under one minute! Take a look at how to easily remove and reinstall your Amsco windows (or similar brands):


  1. Open the two tabs located on inside of upper window frame
  2. Once both tabs are opened, slide the window vertically then horizontally until the window disengages from its track
  3. To reinstall window, follow these same steps in reverse order


That’s it! It really is as easy as 1-2-3. From a bonus room and open-concept living area to a covered porch and a stunning roof deck, a brand new Sego home is the perfect place to enjoy the peacefulness of spring. As you prepare your own home for the freshest season of all, make sure your windows are in their best shape! 


Stay tuned for the next parts of our blog series, where we’ll go through tips for updating your garage code, replacing air filters, and more. From all of us at Sego Homes, happy spring!


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