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Featured Employee – April

At Sego Homes, we believe in the power of incredible living spaces. Each and every home that
we create reflects the values of our homeowners, and speaks to a unique, modern lifestyle. With
over 3 decades of experience building beautiful, energy-efficient houses, we know what it takes
to empower you to live your best life.

But there’s more to a house than its lovely features — a real home has to be built with care,
attention to detail, and a sensitive touch. As one half of our husband-and- wife team, Brenda
brings the heart and soul to each project. We’re very excited to introduce our masterful Interior
Designer, Brenda!

As a college student, Brenda fell in love with Interior Design and obtained her Masters Degree
upon graduation. She continued to practice and hone her craft by teaching Interior Design at the
college level and subsequently running an Interior Design company. From there, she came to
Sego Homes well-equipped with the deft, feminine, and experienced touch that every home

Creating exceptional, detailed designs that demonstrate our slogan of “Healthy, Green, Smart”
is what excites Brenda the most. She especially loves that she gets to help design plans before
the architect completes the construction drawings — this way, the rooms end up open, well-
proportioned, and functional, with lighting placed for the best use.

When Brenda’s not helping clients save thousands of dollars with our in-house selections
center, and helping to design projects that guarantee a blissful home life, she enjoys all aspects
of art and design, learning new things, and experiencing the joy in music, dance, and art. Not to
mention, she can’t say enough about how wonderful it is to work with both her husband and her
children — after all, there’s no better way to create memories than with the touch of a family!

When it comes to her awesome floor plans, she’s fond of many, including the “Home Run” with
a roof deck, and the “Cozamel” with back pantries and plenty of counter space for appliances.
But her most rewarding experiences with Sego Homes comes from seeing her projects come to
life. While attending a wedding in one our townhomes, she recalls: “It was such a joy to see the
space come alive with real people. Another time, I saw a group of neighbors having a movie
night on their roof deck. It brings me great joy to see their spaces working well for them.”

You bring us great joy as well, Brenda! Thank you for the wonderful work that you do everyday.


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