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How to Prepare for Fall in Utah

Park City, Utah, USA downtown in autumn at dusk.

It’s fall! And there’s nothing quite like the scenic mountain views and crisp air during fall in Utah. It’s a truly magical time of year when you can enjoy a hot spiced pumpkin latte out on the roof deck or back patio of your new Sego home.


While our homes are built to last with environmentally friendly materials and methods, it never hurts to keep up with the maintenance of this big investment. Proper maintenance of your home will not only assure avoidance of expensive repairs and future crisis situations, but it will also enhance your home’s value and appeal. Speaking of appeal, it’s also a great time to start setting up some fall decor to really bring in the joy of this season. Read on for how to prepare for fall in Utah!


What Are Some Key Fall Maintenance Tips for Homes in Utah?


Check Heating System

tips on exterior home maintenance for the fall season

Your heating system will be working hard to keep you and your family warm throughout the next few months. Make sure to have your heating system, heat pump, and humidifier checked and serviced. It’s recommended to have your heating and cooling systems checked at least once per year and your filters cleaned or replaced once every three months.

Drain and Shut Off Faucets and Sprinkler Lines

The temperature in Utah during the fall and winter can get below freezing. Avoid bursting pipes when the first frost hits by draining and shutting off exterior faucets and sprinkler lines. You should also protect them with a cover. (Your pipes will thank you!) Lastly, disconnect and store garden hoses to keep them safe as well.

Test and Inspect Safety Devices

Between lit seasonal candles, turkeys baking in the oven, and sides left on overnight in the crock pot, you’ll want to be alerted if anything doesn’t go according to plan. Go to sleep with peace of mind. Test and inspect safety devices like smoke detectors, carbon dioxide detectors, and fire extinguishers. Make a note of when you’ve replaced batteries so it’s easy to keep track. Also, ensure everyone in the household knows where the fire extinguisher is and how to use it properly.

Check for Any Exterior Repairs

look for damage or leaks in windows during the fall weather

Your home’s fall preparation will require a couple more exterior checkpoints. Start by cleaning the gutters and drain pipes so they won’t be clogged with leaves. While cleaning them, you can take a quick look at the roof for any damaged shingles, flashing, or vents. Next, look for damage or leaks in the weather stripping or caulking around windows and doors. Repair and fill as necessary. Last but not least, check for any cracks in the driveway or decks and properly seal them before further damage occurs.


Prepare the Garden

Fall is a great time to start setting your garden up for next spring’s growing season. Make sure to sharpen and clean your clippers before beginning. Cut back all perennials and ornamental grasses to the ground to avoid them growing through a soggy mass after winter. You should also prune out any crossing, damaged, or dead branches and then plant spring blooming bulbs for spring. Daffodils, allium, tulips, and crocus are among several bulbs that grow well in northern Utah.


Spruce Up Your Home with These Fall Decor Ideas!


Pumpkins, Duh!

What would a fall front porch be without a few pumpkins? Arrange pumpkins of different sizes near the walkway of your home. You can also carve out the tops of pumpkins and gourds to create the most stylish vases. Another fun way to utilize pumpkins is by placing them on a bar cart surrounded by colorful fall flowers. 


Do You Fall for DIY Projects?

DIY wreath made from dried flowers, branches, etc are a great decor idea

In a few simple steps you can create the most stunning wreaths. The options are endless with designs made from dried flowers and branches, sliced wood pieces, spiky seed pods from Sweetgum trees, and dried multi-colored corn. There are also incredible centerpiece DIY creations with dried wheat bundles inside a glass cloche and using a pumpkin, yet again, as a vase.


Get Moody

We know that oranges and browns get the most attention this season, but don’t be afraid to mix it up a little. Use fall-inspired accent colors like dark reds, deep greens, and splashes of gold to zhuzh up your home’s interior. Not into the moody vibe? You can also use neutral, organic items like green, cream, and white gourds with pinecones, and sprigs of eucalyptus.


Cozy From the First Step

A fun and festive doormat is a great way to invite guests in with a warm welcome. Go for a timeless autumn design or one with a funny fall-themed saying such as, “Hey There, Pumpkin!” or “It’s Fall Y’all.” Either way, your friends and family will love walking up to your door as they visit you this season.


Pop in Some Plaid

Add a cozy charm to any room in your home with a pop of plaid (not just for lumberjacks). This pattern is a classic fall fabric that can be used throughout the home. Consider collecting a few throws, pillows, drapery, and other items with plaid to sprinkle in with your other fall decor.


A beautiful new home in Utah is the best gift you can get this season. And now with these helpful tips and decor ideas, you’ll know exactly how to maintain it and keep it looking fall-tastic! If you don’t already own a home in Utah, take a moment to browse our website for communities, floor plans, and quick move-in. Then contact us for more information. We’re “fall-ways” happy to help!


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