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Interior Design Trends of 2020

2020 Design Trends

A new year means exciting new home trends to fall in love with! The best part about interior design is that it lets you unleash your creativity and infuse your personal style into your favorite spaces, from your kitchen to your master bedroom and everything in between. As you kick off 2020, take a look at a few of the top trends that caught our eye, and get inspired to turn your new home in Utah into your all-time dream space.


Carpet Trends


Magic Carpet Ride: Believe it or not, designers are predicting that layering rugs on top of carpets will be the hot move in 2020. This unique trend adds “interest and warmth” and catches anyone’s attention. A tone-on-tone color palette works especially best by not overwhelming the space. 


Natural Beauty: Past carpet trends involved bold, vibrant colors and patterns, but in the new year, it’s all about subtlety. Neutral, earth-toned colors are now making their way into homes with their stylish, subdued beauty. They also allow for funky furniture or statement pieces to truly stand out.


Bathroom Trends


Let There Be Light: Nothing sets the vibe better in a bathroom than gorgeous lighting. This year, “see the light” and incorporate unique statement lighting into your most relaxing, comfortable space. Pieces like chandeliers, drum pendants, and giant floor lamps are now the move for a brighter look.


Marble Moment: In 2020, why not give the other bathrooms in your home some love? Perfect for smaller spaces, marbleized wallpaper creates a modern and elegant vibe. With this unique and trendy addition to one of your bathrooms, every guest that walks in will absolutely marvel at the marble. 


Furniture Trends


Velvet Galore: Enjoyable to look at (and feel), velvet is making a sleek comeback into homes. A statement velvet piece like a sofa in your great room goes a long way, and adds a trendy touch to the space. Best of all, mix-and-match furniture makes for an irresistible, eye-catching appeal.


Flower Power: Flower fanatics, you’re in luck… Florals, particularly in your master bedroom or great room, are completely cool again. If you’ve been meaning to spruce up your favorite space, new bedding, furniture, or throws are the way to go. Flowers may not be blooming now, but they can be in your home.


Circle Game: Trends certainly come and go, and in 2020, curved furniture has come around again. You may immediately think of the 80s when you envision some of these pieces, but this year, they’re being revamped to match contemporary style and chic preferences. 


Kitchen Trends


Something Navy: While black and white will always reign supreme as the most classic color scheme in home design, modern kitchens are craving a little something different. Is navy the new black? This timeless color reflects elegance, understated luxury, and style like none other, and works great for your cabinets.


Perfectly Plated: You already know that open shelving is having its moment, but did you know that plate racks are coming in hot as well? Whether on your countertop or mounted on a wall, a vintage plate rack is a timeless addition that packs contemporary style. Display your beautiful plateware proudly (and enjoy the convenience)!


Merry and Bright: If you’re a sucker for bright colors, don’t let the minimalist trend sway you. Brightly colored tile backsplashes are now just as hot in homes as whites and neutral colors, and add so much cheer to your space. Play around with matching furniture and items, and don’t be afraid to “color outside the lines.”


There’s something uniquely satisfying about introducing a new piece of decor, color, or pattern into your Sego home. Dust off your interior design skills and get to work on something special for your space. Cheers to a new year and new beginnings!


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