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Top Date Night Ideas Near South Jordan

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55% of Americans have felt the sting of creative block when it comes to their date nights: they’ve run right out of ideas! 

From hand-holding during the latest Marvel movie to action-packed mini-golf or even an imaginative cooking class! There may be a variety of date night ideas that get you and your partner excited. It’s all about keeping the spark alive, as over 60% of couples say it’s important to them. 

So, if you’re looking for a memorable date night idea in and around South Jordan, Sego Homes has you covered. Keep reading to find out where your next date night might be! 


  1. Get Arty

You and your significant other might not feel that you have the skills to paint, but never fear! At Painting With a Twist in South Jordan, you don’t need to be as talented as Michelangelo. Everything is created for you step-by-step, so you can have a few giggles while trying to recreate beautiful artwork! Plus this can be done as a summer or a winter activity. 


  1. Find Adventure 

Date night doesn’t always have to be romantic and candlelit. At the All Star Fun Center in Sandy, which is not far from South Jordan, you’re going to get fun-filled action through laser tag and bowling. Put on your competitive face and go head-to-head with your partner to see who comes out as the reigning champion in a variety of fun games! 


  1. Go Jumping

If you’re a particularly active couple, or even if you’re not, why not head to Altitude Trampoline Park? This place is packed to the brim with trampolines from wall to wall, jump walls and velcro and warped walls, and even an epic dodgeball section. You and your partner can combine jumping for joy with a celebratory dinner afterward and make up for all the calories you burned! 


  1. Visit the Aquarium 

Loveland Living Planet Aquarium is not only a great place for a date but its name is also a sign that this is where you should take your partner! Loveland gives you the calming and serene aquarium views combined with a variety of activities and other exhibits. There’s also a 4D cinema to complete your date night!


  1. Go to the Drive-In 

There’s something super nostalgic about being able to take your partner to the drive-in. Reminds you a bit of Sandy and Danny, doesn’t it? Except when you head to Redwood Drive-In Theatre, you won’t be leaving in tears as Sandy did, you’ll be leaving with a smile on your face and a happy S/O! Redwood has been there since 1948 and still comes complete with diner food and FM streaming. 


Date Night Ideas in South Jordan

The right date night ideas are not easy to come by. You’ve got to figure out what appeals to you and your partner in crime. There are also plenty of great restaurants in South Jordan if you’re simply looking for a romantic meal or a great meal out, a more traditional date night, so to speak. 


Are you ready to enjoy plenty of date nights in South Jordan? Contact us and we can help you find the perfect home. 


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