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Why Sego? Ask Our Homeowners!

There are many reasons people choose Sego Homes, but the ones we hear about time and time again are our floorplans, the architecture, and the great location. 


For example, Bart & Elizabeth looked at other builders, but kept coming back to us because of our customer service, craftsmanship, and our rooftop decks! “We are in one of the best spots in all of Daybreak. My favorite part of our home is our windows and the natural light that comes in. It is so bright and clean and I love the architecture of it all.” 


“Sandy was super helpful. She gave us space. And once we committed she was great… all of Sego was great! They were really, really amazing to work with. I would totally do it again! It was one of the greatest experiences we’ve had. It’s almost like a family you become part of. I was sad when it was done – it was so fun!”


For Roger & Kim, Sego Homes had a floor plan they loved that worked well for their family. “We needed a main floor bedroom with a bathroom. To have a nice suite for our daughter and have a master bedroom for us was perfect.” 


“This is like living on a vacation resort. It has a really really good energy. There is just something about it that is so unique. It’s incredible for us. For me, it’s the views and the big windows. We just love the views!” 


Jody also loved our floor plans and our options!  “It surprised me the way a townhome could feel so homey and big and open. The thing I love most about my home is everything! I love all the options that were available to me. The standard options are far superior to any builder I’ve ever built with before. Even the upgrades are so amazing. Having built with Sego Homes, I would definitely recommend them to anyone. I’ve even tried to get my friends and family to move in here!” 


We’re so happy that Bart & Elizabeth, Roger & Kim, and Jody, were all able to find exactly what they were looking for – and enjoyed building with us so much! 


To learn more about building your perfect home with the Sego dream team, contact us today!


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