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5 Ways to Use a Bonus Room in Your New Home

Bonus Space

These days, extra space in a home is a precious commodity, and the house that awards a bonus room or flex space is worth its weight in gold. These multi-purpose rooms can be used in a variety of ways and can help you, and those you live with, be more productive, creative, calmer and even healthier. Never merely “lost space,” these rooms can enhance your entire way of living. Take a look at a few design ideas on how to use a bonus room in a new Sego Home:


Home Gym


Even one piece of gym equipment tucked into the corner of a bedroom or living room can take up too much space. By using your bonus room as a personal fitness center, you never have to worry about tripping over dumbbells at night or taking over the TV during peak family viewing times. Enjoy the privacy, mental focus, and freedom of working out behind closed doors whenever is most convenient for you.


Craft Room


Feeling crafty? Create when inspiration strikes without having to fumble for supplies or workspace. With a bonus room, you have plenty of space for shelving and storage to keep all your materials organized and at arm’s reach. Bring in a large table and task lighting to spread out and bring your creative ideas to life. 


Home Office


Perhaps the top use of bonus rooms today, the home office is a must for many people now and into the foreseeable future. Whether you are working from home full-time or just a few hours a week, the reality is that other people in your household may need to do the same. Having a separate area for work increases focus and productivity, and can also help with the ever-diminishing (but much needed) “transition” between home and work. 


Homework Room


Virtual school, home school, in-person school – whatever the case may be, kids need a quiet place to learn and study. Set them up for success with a “homework room” away from other, more distracting areas (like bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens). Not only will a private space improve their mental clarity, it will give them a sense of independence and ownership of their time. 


Gaming Room


Need to reclaim your living room from the gamers in your life? Whether they’re kids or adults – game-aficionados love to play for long hours whenever possible, and they can get pretty excited about whichever world they’ve just conquered. Restore your sense of calm by gifting them a personal space complete with comfy seating and all the gaming systems they desire. With this solution, everyone’s a winner!

Want to see how you can use a bonus room in a new Sego Home? Check out our floor plans then give us a call at 801-850-2040. We look forward to helping you bring your vision to life!


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