Back to School: Creating the Perfect Homework Station at Home
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Back to school: Creating the perfect homework station at home


The main purpose of a homework station (or schoolwork station for homeschoolers) is to help kids stay organized while they do their assignments. Whether it’s a desk in their room, or a quiet corner in one of our flex rooms or sky lofts, most Sego homes have a place that can become the perfect homework station. Here are some tips for creating a homework station for your scholars: 


  1. Function. What does this homework station need to do? For some kids, it’s just a place to keep writing & project supplies (paper, scissors, markers) handy. For others, it’s a complete resource center, with their computer, an internet connection, book shelves, a whiteboard, a calendar and everything else they need for every class in one place
  2. Organization. Wherever your kids are working, create a system for keeping their supplies and assignments organized. Caddies, buckets, shelves, peg boards, binders, and boxes are vital. Figure out what supplies they use regularly. Figure out how they need to access & store assignments for school. Everything needs to have a place. (And everything must be returned to its place… or the system doesn’t work!)
  3. Flexibility. Kids’ needs change as they grow, both physically and academically. When they (or you) decide it’s time to move from the kitchen island to the quiet corner of the flex room or their bedroom, it’s also time for a better chair, a bigger desk, and more organization. (The earlier they develop good work and organization habits, the better!) This is also the perfect time to work with them on time management, tidy workspaces, and project preparation.
  4. Ownership. If your kid isn’t comfortable in their homework space, they won’t use it. When you’re choosing furniture & accessories, let them have some say. (It is their space after all.) Let it reflect both their needs and their personality. Whether it’s sleek & modern or fun and colorful, the space is letting them express themselves while creating a functional and organized homework station. 


Having a designated quiet space to study is vital for learning and studying. Giving your kids a personalized homework space that will grow with them will help them start the school year on their best foot.


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