NOW OPEN: Townhomes for Sale in Lindon, Utah!
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NOW OPEN: Townhomes for Sale in Lindon, Utah!

community rendering of single-family and townhomes for sale in lindon utah

When deciding where to move, you’re sure to have many places on your list and many reasons why you’ve chosen them. As a home builder with years of experience building homes with unsurpassed quality and energy efficiency in Utah, Sego Homes knows where some of the best places are to relocate. That’s why we highly recommend adding Lindon, Utah to your list of choices.


Whether you’re looking for an abundance of outdoor activities, a good place to raise a family, or a low cost of living, Lindon has it all! In addition, Sego Homes is excited to announce a new community coming soon to Lindon that will add to the wonderful benefits of living in this city. Songbird Cove townhomes has the Sego Homes superior quality we’re known for.


Sego Homes Is Your Go-To Builder for Green Homes


When it comes to building our communities and homes, we always keep our buyers in mind. We consider what things are most important to them. What are they looking for in the city they live in? How do they typically spend their time? What are some features that will make their lives better? How do we stand out in a way that’s different from the “cookie-cutter” homes out there? We’re proud to say that we’re a home builder that looks at every aspect of what makes a home the best it can be — for you!


Throughout the homes we build, you’ll find fresh, unique styling and designs that enhance and complement your lifestyle. They offer a delicate balance between open floor plans and functionality to make for comfortable living. You can also feel a connection to the outdoors with thoughtfully designed roof decks and large windows to allow natural light to flow through. We’re truly passionate about creating homes that simply feel good.


Our focus on creating homes that are healthier for you and the environment is another way we make homes that feel good. Sego Homes is your go-to healthy, green, and smart builder. Our team of experts does this by designing homes with the latest technology and energy-saving components and techniques resulting in homes that are energy efficient, green, and built with environmentally friendly materials and methods.

Sego Homes uses the latest technology and energy-saving components when building new homes

Sego Homes is a proud partner of the ENERGY STAR program, a government-backed program that helps us ensure you save money on energy while also protecting our environment. You can rest easy knowing that all aspects of your Sego home are made to the highest standards. We build our homes with features like low-VOC paints and a washable/reusable MERV 11 enhanced air filtration system to create a healthier indoor air environment. All of our townhomes are equipped with Smart Home Technology like keyless front door entry, USB charging stations, programmable thermostats, and more. These healthy, green, and smart features are just a part of what makes each Sego home better.


5 Reasons To Move To Lindon, Utah


1. Great Place to Raise a Family

Lindon is an attractive place to live for many people, but especially for young families – and for good reason! The area offers a safe place to live with many family-friendly activities and tons of space to raise a family. The violent crime rate is well below the national average, so you can have peace of mind when you and your children are out and about. There are also great schools served by the highly-rated Alpine School District, which also serves the schools near our new community. It was ranked #10 in the state of Utah and #1 in Utah County. The parks and recreation department offers a wide range of activities and programs for children from coed basketball to music and even mental health.


2. Low Cost of Living

You’re sure to be looking at the cost of living when searching for your new home. You’ll be glad to know that the cost of living in Lindon is lower than the national average and most cities in the state. Things like utilities, grocery items, transportation, and miscellaneous goods and services are also less expensive. This combined with the average household income of $95,233/yr and an average commute of 18.7 minutes makes it an affordable place to live.

The cost of living in Lindon, UT is lower than the national average

3. Sweet Sense of Community

The population in Lindon is around 11,848 and steadily growing. It’s a small city that provides a nicely balanced rural and suburban feel. This is another reason it’s a great place for families who want more space rather than a larger densely packed city. You’ll find it easy to make friends and build a great sense of community. The people here are friendly and always willing to help each other out. Whether it’s a concert in the park during Lindon Days or the Light the Night Christmas event, the events calendar is always packed with ways to keep the community close.


4. Tons of Outdoor Recreation

Enjoying the beautiful outdoors in Lindon is easy. There are several parks with playgrounds, pavilions, sports courts, and sports fields where you can see sweeping views of mountains. Speaking of mountains, Lindon is only 5 miles away from Mount Timpanogos, the second-highest mountain in Utah’s Wasatch Range. It offers an incredible hiking experience and the most beautiful views. You can also enjoy a guided ranger tour at the Timpanogos Cave National Monument, a series of decorated caves. During warmer months, Vineyard Beach sits along the Utah River just minutes from Lindon.

Enjoying the outdoors in Lindon, UT, is easy.

5. Just 45 Minutes from Salt Lake City

Living in Lindon lets you have the experience of a quiet peaceful setting with access to a larger city. It’s located just 45 minutes from Salt Lake City where you’ll find more adventures outside of Lindon. This major metropolitan area is the most populated city in Utah and hosts a number of higher education institutions, outdoor recreation, historical sites, shopping centers, and more. From Lindon, you can easily take a day trip to explore the many activities in Salt Lake City like a tour of awe-inspiring national parks, eat at award-winning restaurants, or visit world-class skiing resorts.


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The high quality of life you’ll experience with a move to Lindon will be made that much better in Songbird Cove, our new community coming soon! It will feature beautiful townhomes for sale with large picture windows and indoor/outdoor spaces that allow you to take advantage of the mountain views. Let us show you more of what makes Sego Homes better by giving us a call or connecting with us online. You can also browse our floor plans or quick move-in if you simply can’t wait. Either way, our team is here to help!


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