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DIY Minute Maintenance Tips: Door Adjustments

Door Adjustments

Sweet, sweet summertime is here, which means more time spent outside (finally)! From lounging on your deck or roof deck to enjoying amenities in your community and downtown, there’s so much to see and do this season.


While you’re heading in and out, you might start to notice that your door doesn’t close smoothly, or that wind whistles through. If so, welcome to the third part of our DIY Minute Maintenance Tips series! This week, we’ll teach you how to easily adjust the threshold of your exterior doors to achieve an airtight seal at the bottom.


  1. Begin by removing the 4 caps on your threshold (which cover the adjustment screws)
  2. Use a flathead screwdriver to adjust your threshold (turning the screws clockwise will raise your threshold, counterclockwise will lower it)
  3. Repeat this process with all 4 adjustment screws
  4. Replace the adjustment screw caps by pressing them in firmly
  5. Once finished, you should not be able to see light underneath your door


Yes, this process is as quick and easy as it seems. Now, when you head out for a scenic bike ride or to meet up with friends, your door will feel just as perfect as it sounds. When the little details of your Sego home fall into place, your daily routine is more enjoyable than ever, especially in the summertime.


Stay tuned for the next parts of our blog series, where we’ll go through tips for updating your garage code, replacing air filters, and more. From all of us at Sego Homes, happy early summer!


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