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DIY Minute Maintenance Tips: Flooring Best Practices

Minute Maintenance

At Sego Homes, we believe that high-end, modern details make all the difference in a brand new home. That’s why we offer beautiful, hardwood and laminate floor choices for your new Sego living space. When you’re surrounded by floors that look good, you feel good — and nothing’s more important than the way your home makes you feel. 


With a little bit of maintenance, you’ll be able to keep your floors in pristine condition for years to come. In this part of our DIY Minute Maintenance Tips, we’re showing you how to properly care for your floors:


  1. When cleaning your hardwood or laminate floors, it’s best to use an alcohol-based cleaning solution
  2. Begin by using a microfiber dusting pad to clean up any dust or debris on your floors
  3. From 2 to 3 feet away, gently mist your floor with the alcohol-based cleaning solution (do not let water stand on your floor)
  4. Once the cleaning solution has been applied, quickly mop the floor using a microfiber cleaning pad
  5. Once you’re finished, you can machine wash your microfiber pads. Refrain from using fabric softener or dryer sheets as this can cause product to build up on the pads and reduce absorbency


It doesn’t take long to care for your floors, and the effort goes a long way. Floors that are in top-top shape set the “stage” for the best moments in your home — and we can’t wait for you to experience what’s to come! 


Stay tuned for the next parts of our DIY Minute Maintenance Tips blog series, where we’ll go through more helpful tips for your Sego home!


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