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DIY Minute Maintenance Tips: Keyless Entry Options

Keyless Entry

Now more than ever, comfort and convenience may be a few of your biggest priorities. Especially in your home, your safe place from the outside world, you want to feel as secure and at ease as possible.


That’s why each Sego home includes a keyless entry deadbolt, which allows you to enter your home with a personalized code — which means added safety, no risk of being locked out, and of course, no more digging for and dealing with keys! Take a look at how you can adjust settings, set or change key-codes, and replace the batteries in your keyless entry deadbolt system. 


  1. Keyless entry deadbolts can be easily opened by typing in a code of your choosing
  2. To make adjustments to your keyless entry deadbolt, begin by removing the cover located on the back
  3. Your deadbolt has 4 switches on the back that allow you to:
  • Turn on LED light notifications
  • Turn on an auto-locking system which activates after 30 seconds
  • Turn on and off sound
  • Disable keypad code
  1. Your keyless entry deadbolt is powered by 4 double A batteries which can be accessed by gently lifting out the battery cartridge
  2. To change the key code on your deadbolt, press the black button on the back of your deadbolt labeled PROGRAM
  3. Once you’ve pressed PROGRAM, type in your desired code
  4. Press the lock button located in the middle of the keypad
  5. Test the code by putting the deadbolt in the locked position, then type in your code
  6. Once you’re finished, replace the cover on the back of your deadbolt


It’s as easy as that! It only takes about a minute or so to perform each task, and you’re good to go. This feature doesn’t just add extra security to your home and ease to your daily routine, it provides you with peace of mind. Because at Sego Homes, we believe you deserve nothing less than feeling your best when you’re at home.


Stay tuned for the next parts of our DIY Minute Maintenance Tips blog series, where we’ll go through more helpful tips for your Sego home!


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