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DIY Minute Maintenance Tips: Paint Touch-Ups

Paint Touch Ups

When you live in a Sego home, you’re surrounded by the high-quality design and features you love but sometimes, even your dream space needs a little touch-up. Have a minute? We have the quick fix. In the first part of our DIY Minute Maintenance Tips series, we’re going to teach you how to freshen up your home’s paint.


Whether you’re repainting a drywall patch or touching up scratches, this simple step-by-step will ensure that you keep your Sego home looking fresh and new:


  1. Sand drywall patch before you apply paint
  2. Dampen brush to avoid having paint stick to it
  3. Lightly dip paintbrush in can and use the side of the can to wipe excess from the brush
  4. Use a towel to cover any furniture around the area
  5. Apply the paint with a smooth, gentle stroke
  6. Use the tip of the brush to add texture
  7. When you are done, wash off paintbrush with water and wait for the paint patch to dry


Voila. Take a step back and look at the difference — this part of your Sego home is as good as new! Whether you’re preparing for a big get-together with family and friends or just looking for a refresh with springtime around the corner, a simple touch-up goes a long way.


Stay tuned for the next parts of our series, where we’ll go through tips for updating your garage code, replacing air filters, cleaning your windows, and more. From all of us at Sego Homes, happy spring!


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