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Five Tips for Easy Family Friendly Home Design

Five_Tips_for_Easy_Family_Friendly_Home_DesignDesigning a home can be challenging when children are involved. Many parents feel like kid-friendly home design means turning the house from a sophisticated home into a daycare center. However, although there are some features that need to be changed in order to child-proof a home, homes can be both chic and family-friendly-comfortable.

Here are five tips on how to achieve a kid-friendly design:

1. Consider How You Live

The key to finding a balance between a family-friendly home and a stylish home is determining how you live. For instance, do your kids venture into the living room/dining room area? Or do they mostly stay in the family room region? If they stick to certain areas, you can choose more formal decor for the areas of the home they do not play in, while the kid-centered rooms can reflect a more casual atmosphere. Plus, with kids having an abundance of energy, it can be helpful to focus on surrounding outdoor areas, so to speak. Daybreak Utah homes for sale, for example, are conveniently located near large community parks, where the whole family can congregate.

2. Do Decorate

Although it might seem easier to keep the home sparse while the kids are young in order to prevent nice items from getting broken or ruined, having nice things can teach kids about respect and gentleness. Kids will learn to take in their surroundings and be careful if there are special and important items around.

3. Low Maintenance

A low maintenance, casual design can be classy and elegant, but a time-saver for a busy parent. Look for stain-resistant furniture and vintage furniture pieces. If an item is already rustic or shabby chic, extra wear and tear from children will not be as easily reflected as it will on a brand new, smooth piece of furniture.

4. Accents

Make your design stamp with unique accents, such as a vintage light fixture, textured pillows, or paint. Having kids does not mean decor and style have to go out the window, it simply means you will have to be more creative with your design choices. Instead of choosing white carpet as your focal point, choose creative, fairly indestructible accents to complement both your design style and family-friendly home.

5. Kid Space

Even though it is important to combine style and family, it is just as important to have an area where the kids can play and relax. Whether that’s their bedroom, a play room, or a family room, having a space where they can safely play will help to keep them in one area, and usually they will not be as tempted to go into other areas. Plus, you can create kid-friendly storage areas for their toys and books, such as shelves with cubbies, a window seat with hidden storage, or even a coffee table with storage underneath.

With a bit of creativity, kids and decor can mix well.

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