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Four Home Renovations That Are Less Expensive in the Summer

Young woman holding up wallpaper to wallThe summer is one of the best times of the year to undertake a home renovation, for many home renovations are less expensive due to the climate. Materials are easier for contractors to get, and labor is often less expensive, as working in the winter months can be more dangerous for contractors.


If you are considering remodeling an area of your home, or purchasing one of the Daybreak homes for sale and adding personal touch here and there, here are the four top projects that are less expensive in the summer:

1. Outdoor Landscaping

The summer season is prime time for any and all outdoor landscaping projects. Rainy and snowy seasons can not only prolong your renovation, the poor weather can actually impede on projects, costing you far more than initially estimated. The rain and snow can ruin materials, drown plants and other foliage, and increase labor expenses whereas sunny weather can keep the project on schedule and on budget.

If you need to repair concrete work, whether that’s an outdoor patio or a driveway, the summer is the best time to take care of that, as the concrete needs both time and heat to be installed properly. The colder the temperature gets, the quicker concrete dries, giving the contractor less time to even out the surface.

2. Kitchen

Renovating the kitchen is a big project no matter what time of the year you decide to tackle the project. However, the summer will alleviate a lot of the cost that comes with a kitchen renovation. For instance, if the renovation requires a full kitchen gut, you can alternatively cook on a grill outside, as the summer weather permits outdoor eating. Additionally, many retailers sell out their stock of appliances and other materials for a discounted rate in the summer because they are trying to make way for new items for the upcoming holiday season.

3. Home Addition

If adding onto your home, the construction will most likely require opening up your home, exposing the interior to the outside elements. Work can be done more quickly during the summer, keeping your home safer from the inclement weather.

However, plan in advance for a home addition. Contact a contractor or designer a few months ahead of time in order to get the ball rolling on permits and other necessary tasks that can slow down a renovation.

4. Pool

Though many people want to undertake a pool renovation before the summer so that it will be ready for the hot months, it is more efficient to work on a pool in the summer. Because of the labor involved in a pool renovation, the summer can help to keep the project moving as quickly as possible. The warmer weather not only makes it easier for the contractor to dig out the area for your pool, it also helps the materials adhere to one another and dry more evenly.

If looking to do a remodel, the summer season just might be the best time to do so.

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