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How We Boost the Air Quality in Our Green Homes

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Any builder can make a home look nice and run fine with a coat of paint and some mediocre materials. That home may even have a couple of energy-efficient features here and there and pass the basic building code standards of the area. At Sego Homes, that’s not good enough. Our homebuyers deserve better. That’s why a Sego home is built with highly energy-efficient features and environmentally friendly materials. We make it a top priority to build homes that don’t just look amazing but provide you and your family a healthier place to grow. The systems and materials we use make our green homes in Utah healthier. One of the benefits of this is cleaner indoor air quality. Here are a few ways we boost the air quality in our homes.

Sego Homes are built with energy-efficient materials

Our New Construction Homes = Clean Air Homes!


1) Washable/Reusable MERV 11 Enhanced Air Filtration System

MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. It indicates how efficiently, and to what degree, the air filter can trap airborne contaminants. The higher the number, the more efficient it is. You might already see where we’re going with this, but let’s further explain why this is important.

The MERV 11 furnace filters used in Sego homes are over 90% efficient at trapping pollen, dust, lint, dust mites, and mold, along with smoke, pet dander, smog, auto emissions, bacteria, and other fine particles. It also traps odors, leaving a home’s air quality clean and odorless. This is perfect for families with a lot of pets or family members with allergies. An additional benefit is that they are washable and reusable, which means saving money on purchasing new filters.


2) Proper Ventilation And Fresh Air Through Efficient HVAC Systems

Your HVAC system is really where it all starts. Standing for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, it’s responsible for properly regulating the heating and cooling air throughout your home. In addition to keeping the indoor temperature nice and cozy, it includes air cleaners and filters to improve the quality of the air. As it brings in air, the filters remove pollutants and contaminants that pass through them. Our HVAC systems effectively keep your home well ventilated while making sure no harmful bacteria, particles, or viruses come into the home.

How Sego Homes achieves clean air in our homes

3) All Paints Are Low VOC

Sego Homes only uses low VOC paints throughout the homes we build. VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. The chemicals within VOC paint are emitted as gas and can cause some pretty serious short and long-term health effects. Aside from ensuring the cleanliness of the air quality in your home, there are other benefits to using low VOC paint that should make you feel just as good. It’s better for the environment by limiting air pollution and its harmful effects on our water, plants, and wildlife. If you need to do a couple of touch-ups, it’s affordable and has less odor, so you won’t have to worry about the harsh chemical smell of other paints.


4) No Off-Gas Harmful Fumes

Off-gassing is a process where materials give off harmful chemicals in the form of gas. Other than paint, there are materials used to build a home that can cause off-gassing. Materials like caulking, types of flooring, and adhesives are a few. Over years, the emission of these chemicals can make the air quality in your home unbearable and eventually hazardous. Thankfully, Sego Homes only builds with materials and adhesives that don’t off-gas harmful fumes. You can breathe safely for years to come.


Where to Find Green Homes for Sale in Utah


Green and clean air homes are easy to come by with Sego Homes. We’ve chosen to plant them in the desirable location of South Jordan, Utah. Here, you’ll find three incredible communities more than ready to welcome you home to the freshest indoor air quality and more. Cascade Village, Lake & Lake West, and Urban Townhomes are all located within one of Utah’s most popular master planned communities Daybreak, where you’ll find the perfect Utopia. They each feature a unique set of floor plans with options ranging from 2 to 5 bedrooms, 1.5 to 4.5 bathrooms, and 1,136 to 3,560 square feet of living space. There’s no shortage of innovative home features and designs throughout both of these neighborhoods. You can find all of the air-boosting features above, along with even more energy-efficient and smart technology built in, including solar energy systems and CAT 5 wiring.

Sego homes are eco friendly

Don’t let the toxic fumes, harsh odors, improper ventilation, and weak filtration systems of poor air quality take your breath away. Breathe easier knowing that there’s a better way to live. Explore the many options for a cleaner, healthier home with Sego Homes. Give us a call at 801-850-2040 or connect with us online to learn more about your better, smarter, healthier home builder in Utah.


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