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Make a House Call – Choosing Energy Efficient Homes

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There are plenty of opportunities to make a new home for you nationwide.

From living in the big city to finding peace and quiet out in the countryside, many Americans have multiple options of where they choose to reside. Sometimes the toughest choice can just be deciding where to live.

As more Americans are discovering these days, calling Utah “Home” is not a bad idea. In fact, it can be one of the best calls you make.

Is It Time for a Friendlier Home?

Whether you are thinking about moving to the Daybreak community or another location in the state, the possibilities can be quite endless.

In today’s society, more individuals and families are looking for homes that are not only affordable, but also a healthy fit for their respective lifestyles and the environment.

They want homes that also will save them money over the long-run, something environmentally-friendly residences will do. By having the latest in green technology, individuals and families save money and do their part for the planet.

In this community of green, smart townhomes in Utah, residents (both old and new) can find residences that are constructed with an improved indoor-air environment from older homes. From proper ventilation to materials and paints that are not harmful to the resident or environment, it is a win-win all the way around.

By moving into an eco-friendly townhome, residents can rest assure of having a home that is constructed with energy-efficient components and techniques.

In doing so, the homes prove to be less expensive when it comes to heating them in the wintertime and cooling them down in the summertime.

Lastly, make sure you not only take advantage of the eco-friendly options presented by such homes, but also do your part to save energy and money.

Such tips include:

  • Make sure your windows and doors are properly sealed in the wintertime to keep heat in and drafts out (thereby lowering your heating bills);
  • Take advantage of ventilation in the house during summer so you don’t have to run the air conditioning non-stop. When running the A/C, make sure windows are properly closed and sealed so you’re not throwing money literally out the window;
  • Look for a home that has energy-efficient lighting throughout. Also make sure that when you’re not using a room, turn the lights out. Leaving lights on in rooms for hours at a time when not in use is a waste of electricity and ultimately leads to a higher electric bill;
  • Clean vents etc. around washers/dryers, stoves, refrigerators and the like to make sure the appliances are working full capacity and not draining you of electricity and money.

Whether your new homes for sale in Utah or somewhere else in the country, make a house call today to find the residence that you will hopefully call home for many more years to come.


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