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New vs. Used: The Advantages of a Sego Home

New vs. Used

At Sego Homes, we believe your home should reflect you inside and out. And while a used home has all the “pieces,” it doesn’t have the heart. With a fresh, untouched home as your canvas, you finally get to put your wants and needs first — and make your home feel like home.


From all-new systems and energy-efficient features to modern finishes and stylish design, a beautiful new home in Utah makes life easier and more enjoyable every day. Take a look at the advantages of a new Sego home vs. any used home you’ve seen before.

Buying a New Home vs. Used


Home Systems


Used: Old, antiquated systems that require repairs, and cause code concerns and maintenance issues

New: New plumbing, electric, heating, and cooling systems that run efficiently


Style and Design


Used: Design choices that reflect another family from another time

New: Wide open space, with stylish outdoor living areas, that allow you to incorporate your style and live comfortably 


Floor Plan


Used: A layout that’s out of your hands and not reflective of your lifestyle

New: A modern plan chosen by you to fit your needs for number of bathrooms and bonus rooms


Warranty Program


Used: Depending on its age, the home and everything in it are likely long past warranty coverage, so no warranties mean large repair bills

New: Peace of mind today, tomorrow, and down the line 


Energy Efficiency


Used: Missing today’s energy-efficient features that save you money and keep you comfortable

New: Expertly built with healthy and green features to ensure optimal, 24/7 energy efficiency and indoor air quality 


Smart Features


Used: Not in sync with modern technology and the pace of your lifestyle

New: Wired with today’s first-rate smart home technology that integrates convenience and ease into your daily routine


The Area


Used: An unfamiliar location that you didn’t necessarily want or choose

New: A desirable community complete with the contemporary amenities you love, near everything that you need (shopping and dining, schools, commuting options, etc.)


As you compare new construction vs. resale, be sure to consider just how much a high-end home will enhance your daily routine. Aside from saving you money in the long run, a new Sego home lets you live the happier, healthier lifestyle you want and deserve. This summer, we’re saying “out with the old, in with the new”… there’s no better way to live your life.

For more information about our new homes throughout Utah, give us a call at 801-850-2040.


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