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Six Reasons to Move to Utah

Family of four hiking along trailUtah is one of the most beautiful states in the United States. From the distinct seasons to the gorgeous landscape, to hiking in Zion and skiing the slopes, there are endless breathtaking views and outdoor adventures that are like no other.

Here are just six of the many reasons to move to Utah:

1. Witness the Fall

It’s no secret that the changing fall colors are a beautiful site; however, the fall colors that Utah’s natural landscape produce are a hidden gem. The colors extend from Logan Canyon to Boulder Mountain to all throughout the Utah mountains. The colors transform the mountains into a sea of gold, red, and orange. While the national parks, forests, and mountains are filled with the fall colors, each city in Utah is just as beautiful.

2. Enjoy the Culture

Utah is a state so full of charm that you won’t be able to see everything with just one pass through. For those who love adventuring in the outdoors, or have young families and are looking for a safe, family-oriented area, Utah is one of the best states to live in. Salt Lake City is perfect for city folks who like the urban setting while Daybreak homes for sale and other areas around South Jordan is ideal for families. Plus, the cost of living is well below average, making it far less expensive than other states. Be warned—once you move there, you might never want to leave.

3. See the Wasatch Wildflower Festival

The Wasatch Wildflower Festival is an annual event where nearly 1,200 different species of flowers can be seen throughout the Wasatch Range. The season for these flowers is extremely short, but for the time they are visible, the meadows and mountains are alive with color and movement. During the festival, participants can take nature walks, stay in various ski resorts, and enjoy concerts and other activities.

4. Go Canyoneering

Different from typical hiking, canyoneering requires certain types of gear, such as ropes, harnesses, helmets, and sometimes even wet suits if a particular trek faces water obstacles. Though much more extensive than hiking, there are some trails throughout Zion that can only be experienced through canyoneering. For those who have trekked those sites, they know how breathtaking those sites can be.

5. Participate in the Bison Roundup

At the end of October, you can join hundreds of other riders and help herd close to 600 Bison over on Antelope Island on the Great Salt Lake in the annual Bison Roundup. If joining in on the ride sounds too intense, you can watch from the road and enjoy the western festivity.

6. Spend the Night Outside

One of the best places to camp in Utah is in Arches National Park where there are 50 campsites available. Some are in flat areas while others are tucked away in the rocks, offering everyone a unique experience. You can hike, bike, and even horseback ride through the trails.

Utah is a one of a kind place with endless adventures awaiting your arrival.

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