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Top 2021 New Home Kitchen Designs

Kitchen Design Trends

The place where you enjoy your morning coffee, prepare the most important meal of the day, and unwind with your family in the evening, the kitchen really is “the heart of the home.” At Sego Homes, we design all of our modern, efficient kitchens to embrace and enhance everything you know and love about your daily routine.


In our Home Design Trends for 2021 article, we looked at fun, stylish ways to spruce up your home. Today, we’re diving into all things kitchen, including insights on patterns, fixtures, and so much more. Dive in and get inspired to turn your new space into your all-time dream kitchen!


Top New Home Kitchen Designs

Use of Flat-Panel, Clean-Line Cabinets: These cabinets create a clean and contemporary aesthetic. Depending on your personal design style, mid-century modern or industrial achieve a similar look and vibe, too.

Bold Tile Backsplashes: Today, homeowners love what they see in custom, renovated homes on HGTV, and are open to more exciting backsplashes as opposed to the traditionally simple kinds. In 2021, bold backsplashes and unique designs are popping up in kitchens everywhere. 

Brushed Brass Accents: This style speaks for itself! Brass accents add the perfect touch of warmth and charm to the kitchen, as well as an undeniably chic element. This trend is here to stay.

Light Fixtures: Light fixtures are your home’s statement pieces! At Sego Homes, we offer unique options that stray from the standard light fixtures typically offered by other builders, so that you can elevate the look and feel of your beautiful kitchen.

Cabinet Color Split: The trend here is to have both painted and wood-stained cabinets together for a more custom look and feel. Choose to have one element stand out – like the island – or have fun with a combination of finishes on the uppers, lowers and island.

When you  decide to build the floor plan of your dreams, we will ensure that your home suits your preferences perfectly. As you look ahead to everything that 2021 has in store, get inspired by our design team’s favorite kitchen trends of the year!


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