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What Makes Sego Homes Healthier?


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At Sego Homes, our approach to building is all about smarter, healthier living! A sustainably built home can do more than help the environment. It can increase your comfort, while saving you money. We use a variety of green & healthy approaches, so our homes are energy-efficient, healthier and cozier. Here are some examples…


MERV air filters. Sego Homes use air filters with a MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) of 8. The MERV rating is a measurement scale designed in 1987 by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) to rate the effectiveness of air filters. The MERV rating goes from 1 to 16. Higher MERV ratings correspond to a greater percentage of particles captured on each pass. A MERV rating of 8 filters mold spores, dust mites, and pet dander.


Low / No VOC finishes. VOCs, aka Volatile Organic Compounds, are unstable chemicals that let off gasses that are very harmful to people and the environment. VOCs are found in a host of building materials, including paint, carpeting and flooring materials. At Sego Homes, we use low-VOC paints and materials, which improve indoor air quality, and contribute to increased comfort and health.



Indoor air quality. You may not realize it, but your home could have poor ventilation, which allows pollutants such as mold, mildew, and VOCs to accumulate. For a home to be “healthy”, it must have good indoor air quality. Fresh air needs to come in while dirty air is vented out, thereby minimizing the inhabitants’ exposure to contaminants. At Sego Homes, we pay special attention to providing proper ventilation and fresh air through the use of efficient HVAC systems.


ENERGY STAR®. As a Certified Green builder, Sego Homes is committed to protecting the environment, and is dedicated to using eco-friendly materials and methods in every home. As a 100% ENERGY STAR builder, all homes by Sego Homes exceed the rigorous standards of the ENERGY STAR Program and are built with energy efficient components and techniques. The result is lower monthly heating and cooling costs along with superior comfort.


At Sego Homes, we believe you deserve a home that is healthy and green. So we focus on creating homes that are better for you and your family, homes that respect the environment, while saving you money by being less expensive to heat and cool.



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