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Winterize Your Home For 2020

Winterize Your Home

We can finally say it: winter is coming! While we certainly love the fall, we especially look forward to welcoming winter and enjoying the snowy Utah wonderland. Before you indulge in all of the outdoor activities, cozy fun, and wintry sights, there are a few steps you can take to completely winterize your Sego home.


Once you’ve taken care of these home maintenance tasks, you’re free to get out and explore the endless beauty of winter around your community. Are you ready to hit the slopes? How about the magical Midway Ice Castles with your children? Work on this checklist so you can enjoy the boundless fun without any worries!


[  ] Protect Your Pipes: One of the best ways to prevent frozen and burst pipes is to practice basic energy conservation in your home. Take a look at a few tips and tricks to keep your pipes safe


[  ] Pack Up Outdoor Furniture: Although it’s hard to say goodbye to outdoor living for a season, it’s time to pack up the furniture you have on your patio, deck, or roofdeck. The good news? Keeping your furniture stored properly and away from the snow means everything will be in tip-top shape when the warm weather returns.


[  ] Weatherstrip Doors and Windows: In order to reduce your energy bills (and stay as comfortable as possible), make sure to weatherstrip doors and windows, or replace existing weatherstripping.


[  ] Lower Your Thermostat: With all of the smart features included in a Sego home, daily tasks become significantly easier. While your thermostat learns your personal habits and sets itself, try to set it a little bit lower than you normally would (and dress warmer while you’re home) to reduce your energy bills even further.


[  ] Caulk Doors and Windows: Another easy and cost-effective way to keep cold air out of your windows and doors (and keep hot air in) is to fill any cracks or gaps with caulk.


[  ] Redecorate: Believe it or not, your home’s decor can help you winterize properly. Replacing light, summer drapes with heavier ones, and putting down thick rugs on the floor can work wonders when it comes to insulation. This is a great chance to give your Sego home a new aesthetic for winter!


From all of us at Sego Homes, here’s to the winter ahead!


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